Unlock the most extraordinary ideas within the minds of young professionals

There are 3 ways to feed the global population:

1. produce more food; 2. make food chains more efficient and 3. Change diets

Trillions have been spend on produce more food; billions more on efficiency and hardly anything on 'changing diets'. Therefore this last part is the most promising general direction for innovation. But we hardly know how to change diets and a diets is a cultural perspective, different around the globe. But what we know is that Chefs are the professional consumers in charge of what and how we eat and are therefore the ultimate agents when it comes to generating new ideas on 'how to change diets'. Students at culinary schools and hotel management school are tomorrows professionals and are maybe the best place to start. Therefore Feeding Good offers culinary schools and hotel management schools 'Food Forever' in addition to an education program to educate the young professionals and mobilize them to set up 'experimental playgrounds' to find new culturally accepted ways to change our diets and lifestyles.