Food Forever; recipes for a healthy planet

Stories about food and sustainability seldom become as practical, multi-cultural and solution based as Lars Charas describes them. 

‘Food forever’ is much more than just another story about the impact of food on our planet. This book looks ahead towards a future where there is still plenty of food, but we are forced to make different type of choices about what is on our plate. The future is closer than you think and we should start to think about how to act, is Lars Charas’s message. 

‘Food Forever’ is a book full with new inspiration, but most of all a positive story about food cultures, how they form and change with examples from all over the planet. It gives insight stories and ideas from sixty top-chefs and scientists from 6 continents. Unique are the seventy exciting recipes and gastronomic experiments that make this book the cookbook for the future. 

Charas doesn’t by-pass the problems around climate change or over-exploitation of resources. He sketches a couple of large changes and challenges on our path and provide practical tools to overcome the downsides. He creates practical dietary guidelines, but also describes complex societal business ideas that might be helpful to create what he calls a ‘a forum for change’. Chefs are professional consumers who are able to lead a change and contribute to a society where there is food forever.

Food Forever; recipes for a healthy planet
380 pages, full colour
double soft cover
240 by 260mm
70 recipes