Feeding Good nudging ideas

Underground street vender: How to get street venders to change behavior and prepare more healthy food with local ingredients? Feeding Good created the under ground street vender; a topchef dressed as a street vender making healthier food with almost the same ingredients as other street venders. The chef will earn more money what makes the other street venders curious. Then the street venders can be offered a  life long-learning-program to increase their knowledge and prepare healthier and more sustainable meals.

Recipes for change: When visiting a farmer in Ghana I came by a huge pile of rotten pumpkin. Too much harvest at the same time and no cooling installation. I developed 2 recipes with milk-acid fermentation. The fermented pumpkin juice is light sour and a refreshing drink for the hot climate and the fermented pumpkin slices can be served net to rice on the street. Both recipes will not only decrease the waste, but also generate more money than the raw vegetable.